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Whether you're in the dead of summer or looking to prepare for next, it's never the wrong time to look into air conditioning repair. If you're looking to escape the heat, you'll want repairs done as soon as possible. During the winter, however, you also want to make sure your a/c unit is prepped and ready for the next season.


If you need air conditioning repair in Bloomington IL, U.S. Mechanical Services is the best air conditioning company to trust.


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But that does not mean you can’t do a pre-test on your air conditioning in Bloomington IL before we perform repairs on it. The first thing you need to know about air conditioning repair in Bloomington IL is that most of the calls we get for non-working air conditioners turn up to be an electrical problem. If your air conditioning needs repair in Bloomington IL, be sure to check all electrical components like switches and plugs and control setting suggestions first.


You can easily detect a mechanical problem. When this happens, you need to call us for air conditioning repair in Bloomington IL. U.S. Mechanical Services handles refrigerant leaks, dirty condenser coil or unit, dirty evaporator or cooling coil, or burned out compressor motors when we do professional air conditioning repair in Bloomington IL. Fans and fan motors in both the compressor/condenser unit and in the air handler/blower fan unit can also be a problem and should be dealt with professional air conditioning repair in Bloomington IL. Some of those fan problems may include a loose fan belt or blade.

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About the Company: U.S. Mechanical Services was formed in 1982 and is a service company that provides HVAC/R solutions (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration), servicing residential, commercial, and industrial clients.


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