Boiler Repair Service

Boiler Repair Service

Boiler Repair Service


When a boiler is overworked, especially during the winter, you may notice some boiler failure symptoms that you need to address. Newer models may have an indicator such an alarm or a flashing light to denote that there is a problem. Shutdown due to freezing or pipe blockage could mean that you need immediate boiler repair service.


Boiler repair service is needed to avoid a catastrophic boiler failure. When this happens, a violent explosion can occur that can cause fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, and significant damage to your property. Burns, scalds and other life-threatening injuries can also result from boiler failure if you don't address the problem with good boiler repair service.


Professional Boiler Repair Servicing


If you need professional boiler repair service that is above others, then U.S. Mechanical Services is the company to turn to. We have been providing this service to our customers for over 30 years and we have always delivered the best quality of service. When your boiler produces no heat or poor heat and you find leaks occurring in your system, it is time to check out our boiler repair services.


Clanging pipes can also be a symptom of boiler failure. When you encounter these on your boiler system, let us help you. We will do a visual check on your system and quickly identify the problem. We will remove, check and clean all the major parts of your boiler. Finally, we perform tests to make sure that your boiler performs to specification and make sure that there are no leaks.


Quality repair service for Boilers


Let U.S. Mechanical Services help you with quality boiler repair and other services, including the following:


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If you need professional boiler repair service today, get in touch with U.S. Mechanical Services.


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