Commercial Walk-In Coolers

Commercial Walk-in Coolers

Commercial Walk-in Coolers


Commercial walk-in coolers are an important piece of equipment in the food industry. Commercial walk-in coolers should be wide enough to store bulk perishable foods while making ingredients easy to locate and transport. Large kitchens of hotels and gourmet restaurants want to have reliable commercial walk-in coolers to make sure that the food they serve is as fresh as possible.


Store your fresh fruits, vegetables and spices in U.S. Mechanical Services' commercial walk-in coolers. Keep your fish and meat fresh before preparing your signature dish. Commercial walk-in coolers provide the refrigeration and the convenience needed by any kitchen worker. The wide space makes organizing your ingredients easy as possible.


How Commercially Used Walk-in Coolers Work


Walk-in coolers work using a condensing unit and an evaporation coil. A cooler's condensing unit is located outside while the evaporator works inside. The compressor of a commercial walk-in cooler compresses gas into a liquid. This liquid is pumped through the condensing unit coil where a fan blows outside air through the coil. The gas is condensed to a liquid and then pumped through a copper pipe into the evaporator coil.


In the evaporator coil of the commercial walk-in cooler, the liquid can expand back into a gas, which causes a rapid chilling of the evaporator. Over the years, hotels and restaurants have trusted in U.S. Mechanical Services to provide them with high-quality commercial walk-in coolers. As food preservation is essential for their business, good walk-in coolers must be able to perform to industry specifications.


Quality Walk-in Coolers for Commercial Use


For quality commercial walk-in coolers and other services, let U.S. Mechanical Services you. We can provide you with any of the following:


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Reliable Commercial Walk-In Coolers


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