Essentials of HVAC in Bloomington

Essentials of HVAC in Bloomington

Essentials of HVAC in Bloomington


The modern home or office building consists of many complex systems. These systems include the foundation and support structures, electrical and lighting, and plumbing. Another major part of any building that often goes unnoticed by its inhabitants is the HVAC system. HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. Identifying the purpose and goals of the HVAC system can educate business owners and homeowners about the importance of having efficient systems.


In the workplace, air quality is an essential consideration in maintaining the productivity, comfort, and health of the occupants, and should not be trivialized. If air quality and temperature are not maintained, occupant comfort in the workplace can suffer, directly affecting productivity and morale. An efficient HVAC system is essential to provide a work environment that enhances comfort and prevents irritability caused by the inconvenience of extremely hot or cold indoor temperatures.


Roles of HVAC Systems


When examining the design of an HVAC system, it is important to know the various roles that it plays. It is common that when it is cold, the thermostat is turned up for more heat to be generated. Conversely, when it becomes uncomfortably hot, the thermostat is turned down or set to cool. In its most basic role, an HVAC system keeps occupants comfortable by adjusting the room's temperature. This provides a room with ambient air conditions relative to the unbearable external temperature.


Equally important as providing the right temperature to a room, the HVAC system must also keep occupants comfortable by supplying fresh air from the outside. If a significant proportion of fresh exterior air is introduced, carbon dioxide build-up is alleviated and occupants experience better health and performance gains. Workplace condition studies have shown a direct link between CO2 levels and short-term sick leave in office workforces. Because CO2 is generally harmful in large amounts, they need to be controlled with efficient HVAC systems.


The roles of the HVAC system pertaining to occupant health do not end there. In heavily air-conditioned and energy efficient environments, recirculated conditioned air can carry contaminants that contribute to respiratory illnesses. It is the HVAC system's job to remove these contaminants and dust from the air using filters at various stages. Also, contaminant removal or mitigation is a critical production process in facilities that use clean rooms such as semiconductor fabrication sites, medical laboratories, food processing plants, or locations that handle hazardous materials.


With the spiraling costs of fuel, it is also the role of HVAC systems to be efficient and economical. Energy-efficient HVAC systems may incorporate:

  • variable air volume designs 
  • components designed for operation at low pressures 
  • digital control systems 
  • mechanisms for reclaiming heating or cooling benefits from recirculated air 
  • high-efficiency Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM) fans


Many products are designed specifically with energy efficiency in mind. By understanding the importance of occupant comfort, the significance of correct HVAC system design is realized. Good HVAC systems are responsible for:

  • controlling the temperature in the environment 

  • providing fresh air to the occupants 

  • filtering out dust and contaminants 

  • operating in an energy-efficient and unobtrusive manner


Trust US Mechanical Services to provide you with quality HVAC in Bloomington that does all of these things. Once you understand the range of capabilities that your HVAC system can perform, you can be better involved in choosing system components from our extensive product lines. Contact us today.


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